March 08, 2022 2 min read

My name is Krystin and I am a brewed beverage scientist working in the coffee industry in Seattle as a quality and sensory specialist. I also work as a freeride and backcountry ski athlete, product tester for multiple outdoor brands, and freeride skiing coach for youth and adult women. When I am not skiing, I enjoy mountain biking and rock climbing and creating opportunities for women to participate and excel in the outdoors. A lot of my free time is focused on creating community activations focused on stewardship and access for underrepresented individuals to outdoor sports. My other half, Peter, is my main adventure partner and best friend; Peter and I have undertaken some big projects together including converting a horse trailer into a winter camper for multi-day ski trips, and we are currently building a home climbing gym with HEST foam crash pads!

Full Name: Krystin Norman
Specialty: Coffee Science & Skiing
Age: 32
Current Location: North Bend, WA
HEST Product: Foamy & Camp Pillow

Side, front or back Sleeper? Back

Any before bed rituals? Brush, floss, wash my face, check the weather, probably end up organizing or cleaning.

Best dream you’ve had recently summed up in 3 words? Skiing untouched powder.

Early bird or night owl? I am a night owl and tend to stay up late working on side projects, but I am happy to wake up early for adventures!

Coolest place you’ve ever woken up in? Snow camping at the base of Eldorado Peak in the North Cascades with a view of Forbidden and Klawatti Peaks out the tent, my first overnight snow camping experience with Peter.

Land Legs or Sea Monster? Mountain Adventures!

Preferred method of getting your adrenaline/endorphins pumping? Steep/techy ski lines, finger cracks & crimpy climbs, and steep/drifty loamers.

What is one thing you can’t camp without? A good pair of socks and a supportive and comfortable sleep setup.

Dreams & goals for the next couple years? Ski, bike, and climb across WA and BC with my partner Peter, learn as much about coffee as possible, continue to give back to my outdoor communities.

Photos of Krystin by Scott Rinckenberger and Colton Jacobs.