May 19, 2022 1 min read

Glen Plake is one of the most recognizable skiers in the world. Known for his bright mohawk and "hot dogginig" extreme skiing appearances in films and mountains around the world. When Glen isn't traveling the world skiing, he and his wife Kimberly enjoy off-road racing, water skiing and anything that involves "gasoline and gravity."

Full Name: Glen And Kimberly Plake
Nickname:Gasoline and Gravity
Current Location: Mammoth, CA
HEST Product: Sleep System & Camp Pillow

Side, front or back Sleeper? Depends on the space

Any before bed rituals? Prayers

Best dream you’ve had recently summed up in 3 words? Free Dirt Bike ....... really just last night

Early bird or night owl? Night Owl by choice but up early bird if need to be

Coolest place you’ve ever woken up in? Jail.  Oh coolest not crappiest!!!!  Craziest.... while driving a race car after a quick shut eye across a lakebed co-driver's hand on the wheel my foot on the floor.

Land Legs or Sea Monster? Both land locked water baby

Preferred method of getting your adrenaline/endorphins pumping? Don’t like either but I like anything that takes a lot of effort and commitment

What is one thing you can’t camp without? Black Coffee