April 01, 2021 2 min read

The goal central to all our designs is to create products that rival the comforts of your bedroom at home but with the versatility & durability to translate into an outdoor environment. 

We spent countless hours & prototypes working through each element of our designs to get them to a place where we feel they’ve accomplished that goal: bringing the comforts of home literally  wherever you choose to pitch your tent, park your rig, or hunker down for the night. 

Sourcing the right foam was super important as the base for all our products. Finding a memory foam that is as comfortable as your home mattress is fairly easy, but selecting one that could hold up the  same level of functionality & support at colder temperatures was a more challenging process. Your home mattress is undoubtedly comfortable, but how would it fair in freezing cold temperatures? 

Where did we land? At HEST, all of our mattresses have a two layer, enhanced memory foam with billions of microscopic air cells to enhance the comfort. 

The fabrics on your home mattress serve a primary purpose of durably encasing the innards of your bed. Knowing most beds get finished off with some layers of mattress topper and/or sheets, mattress manufacturers are not very concerned about how the fabrics are going to feel on your skin. Like your home mattress, our HEST fabrics were selected to perform for high durability but with the added elements of weather &  comfort (since most people aren’t bringing sheets camping). Additionally, our HEST mattresses have washable stretch nylon twill (stretch woven nylon) and seamless seams to prevent anything from getting caught when rolling over at night. If you opted to sleep without a sheet or mattress topper, how would your home mattress feel on your skin? 

The biggest and most obvious difference between your home mattress and the HEST product line is transportability. Anyone who has ever moved can attest: wrangling a home mattress from one location to another is pretty inconvenient. HEST products were designed for maximum ease of transportability, allowing you complete freedom to decide where you want to sleep with the confidence that wherever it may be you’re going to sleep just as soundly as if you were at home. It’s comical to imagine, but how easy would it be to bring your home mattress with you on your next camping trip? 

We get it, there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed at home. Sleep experts recommend adults should receive at least 8 hours of sleep every night. But, we also know you like to escape to the outdoors to unplug from everyday life. It is peaceful, rejuvenating and the gateway to adventure. If you can’t bring your mattress from home for the reasons listed above, HEST mattresses’ main priority is to provide a good night’s sleep in the outdoors to prepare you for the next day’s adventure. There is no price tag behind a good night’s sleep, it’s the gift that keeps giving: maximizing your health, wellness, happiness and overall performance throughout the day.