November 09, 2022 2 min read

Our mission at HEST is to bring the comfort of home to the outdoors, enabling more people to chase adventure and enjoy the great outdoors. We understand that getting outside can be intimidating… between the bugs, an overwhelming amount of gear options, and the dread of sleeping poorly. The good news is: sleeping well makes all the difference and you don’t need a luxury RV, camper or tricked out rig to make that happen. All you need is a comfortable place to lay your head. To celebrate the simplicity of getting outdoors with your family, friends or by yourself, we present “HEST Nests” a new blog category featuring unique camping set ups and tricks to creating a cozy nest in the woods from people who are out there doing it.

If you would like your camping set up featured on HEST Nests, please send us info and images to

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Your name: Megan

Current Location:San Diego, California

Home Base:Wherever we drop the anchor!

Set Up: 43' Wauquiez Amphitrite sailboat - Kelea 

Favorite Anchoring Spot: Ford's Terror, Southeast Alaska

HEST products: HEST Foamy  & 2 Standard Pillows 

Most beautiful place you’ve ever woken up? 
Glacier Bay, Southeast Alaska - dropped the anchor next to the Marjorie Glacier for the night, sat on deck with a cocktail watching the glacier calve.

 Who’s in your sailing squad? 

My husband, Ben, myself and two salty sea dogs - Leena & Beverly

Advice for the sailboat living curious / new to the seas?

 Take some lessons, learn the basics, then jump right in - your sense of adventure and addiction to travel will not be disappointed!

On your average sailing trip, what is the gear set up you bring with you? What do you like most about your set up?

We've lived on board Kelea for almost two years so our home and all our possessions travel with us as we explore new places.

Any upgrades or improvements you’re planning for your boat? 

We will be installing a water maker soon! And upgrading our solar panel array so we can maintain our off the grid lifestyle for longer stretches in between visits to marinas.

What’s the one creature comfort you can’t sail without? 

An onboard shower - a good fresh water rinse after swimming in the ocean all day is key to comfortability.

What do you look for in a campsite?

Calm waters - because no one wants their house to be rocking & rolling all night.

Best sail boat meal? 

Fresh fish caught on board - we hooked our first yellowtail tuna last week and have been experimenting with seared tuna steaks!

Worst night of sleep while camping?

With only two of us onboard, we generally take two hour shifts while on passage - no one gets a great night's sleep when you only have two hours to rest before you're back on watch.

What’s your next sailing adventure?

We are currently in San Diego getting ready to cross into Ensenada, Mexico within the next few days! We're planning to spend a few years exploring the Sea of Cortez before continuing either further south through Central America or west to the South Pacific.