February 10, 2023 1 min read

HEST Hound is a tribute to our canine family members and friends. Good dogs gather round. If you know an awesome adventure pup who should be featured, shoot us an email info@hest.com.

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Doggo Name:  Shasta

Nickname: Shatadas, Little Girl, Shasty

Human Name:  Amy & Hans (Members of the HEST Family)

Home Base: Portland, OR

Breed:  Hound/Shepherd Mix (Best guess! She is a rescue.)

Age: 3 Years old (21 human years)

Average hours of napping per day: 6 hrs

 Job: Sass Master, Trail Companion and Professional Squirrel Chaser

Who’s in your adventure squad?  

My hoomans!

Favorite pastime/adventure? 

Chasing squirrels, running double my hoomans mileage on hikes/backpacking trips, and napping in odd positions.

Special trick? 

Rolling over and bringing animal bones back to camp.

Favorite treat/snack? 

Anything salmon flavored.

Are you a Winter or Summer dog? 


Best place to sniff? 

Any new places/friends.

Fill in the blank:

Give me a stick and you’ll be my new best friend!

Favorite body part to be scritched? 

Behind the ears & between the eyes.

Favorite nap spot? 

Wherever the sun is!

Best doggie gear? 

Ruffwear Front Range Day Pack!