May 12, 2023 2 min read

HEST Hound is a tribute to our canine family members and friends. Good dogs gather round. If you know an awesome adventure pup who should be featured, shoot us an email!

Dyson was the winner of our HEST Hound Giveaway held on our HEST Nest Facebook Group. Be sure to check out community for exclusive Giveaways, Content and Deals.

Doggo Name: Dyson (@dyson_black_lab)

Nicknames:  I have many nicknames but I most often hear Wiggle Butt, Doodle Bug, and Dysie. Oh, and Mr. Steal Your Chair!

Human Name:Ashley (@ashpeterson14)

Home Base: Denver, CO

Breed: Labrador Retriever (English type, which is why I am short and stout!)

Age:  5

Average hours of napping per day: Depends on the day I've had but 4-6 hours a day.

Job: Professional fetch player, Professional doggie-kiss provider, and mom's shadow!

Who’s in your adventure squad?  

My mom is my #1. Otherwise, I love hanging out with my cousins Huxley and Zaidy.

Favorite pastime/adventure? 

Fettttch! Throw me a ball and I am happy. The icing on the cake is if it's into water.

Special trick? 

I can potty on command, which Mom loves. But my favorite trick is "What's the password" because I get to boop your nose.

Favorite treat/snack?  

A frozen KONG stuffed with peanut butter, bananas, and crushed treat-os.

Are you a Winter or Summer dog?  

I am a water dog -- making snow angels in winter, or doing belly flops into the water in summer!

Best place to sniff?  

Anywhere. I love sniffing and "reading the newspaper" of what's around me.

Give me _________ and you’ll be my new best friend.

A round of fetch with a ball, or peanut butter

Favorite body part to be scritched?   

My honkey-tonk-badonkadonk... that's the good stuff!

Favorite nap spot?  

On the couch at home looking out the bay window. Or next to Mom on a camp chair (sometimes on top of her if I have a say in it).

Best doggie gear?   

Blue Chuck-It Tennis balls. My stuffed panda. My leash, because it means we are going outside to adventure. And my new HEST dog bed!

If you know an awesome adventure pup who should be featured, shoot us an email at!