July 02, 2024 2 min read

HEST: Built for life

HEST isn’t here for the quick fix—we’re designing products for the rest of your life. That means mattresses, comforters and pillows built to bring you closer to the outdoors with intentional product design and sustainability baked into everything we make.   

With so much outdoor gear flooding the market, it has always been our priority to make HEST products that stand up against the elements and tests of time. After all, we know that the longer we can spend out in nature, the more we’re dedicated to protecting these places we play.    

Replace, Reuse, Repeat

Wear happens, but that’s why every part of our products can be replaced or repaired, keeping our gear out in the world rather than in a landfill. That’s as simple as replacing foam in our mattresses instead of tossing a leaky air mattress in the trash or swapping new fill into our pillows instead of heading to the dump. If our HEST gear still isn't the right fit, all of our products feature a 100 day money back guarantee—no questions asked. These are solutions by design, thoughtful steps that we believe add up to a cleaner, more equitable future.   

Sustainable from start to Finish

But HEST’s sustainable innovation doesn’t stop at the product—it impacts everything we do. To combat our world’s growing plastic problem, we have eliminated single use poly bags from our distribution process, implementing creative solutions like pillow covers that can act as a carrying case for merchandising, shipping and travel. All of HEST’s cardboard is sustainably sourced and void of harmful color inks, while our foam is domestically sourced to cut the carbon footprint of shipping excess raw materials from overseas.    

We don’t have to think about these things, but problem solving is in our DNA, and we know that if we want to keep enjoying our wild spaces, a dedication to making products that last must be too.


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