August 04, 2022 1 min read

What HEST camping mattress fits inside my Toyota Tacoma TRUCK bed?

Consider making your own Toyota Tacoma into a simple camper with a HEST Dually Long camping mattress. Here is how our HEST Dually Long camping mattresses fit inside the bed of a third generation Toyota Tacoma long bed.

Third generation Toyota Tacomas long beds (2015 to present) are 73.5 in. long. With a Toyota Tacoma short bed you can use a HEST mattress with the tailgate down or with a Toyota Tacoma long bed our mattresses fit with the tailgate closed. Here is the sizing guide for a Toyota Tacoma Long bed.

Toyota Tacoma Pickup Bed Dimensions Third Generation (2015-Present)

  • 6-foot bed - Long (length/width/height): 73.7/42.5