August 04, 2022 3 min read

The HEST design team created the Sleep System because we were all tired of waking up tired on camping trips. We found we would spend so much time and effort planning, packing, and getting there, that the disappointment and discomfort of crappy night’s sleep would taint the whole trip. It’s hard to maximize your fun and adventure when your back is throbbing or you can’t stop yawning. What if you could actually sleep well, wherever you chose to set up camp?  

Here are our top 10 reasons to invest in a Sleep System:



With an R-Value of 11.8, the Sleep System is one of the most insulated camping pads on the market. Even when the ground is frozen, the Sleep System prevents your body heat from escaping and instead insulates its warmth.


Sleeping anywhere

Designed for sleeping on any kind of surface, the Sleep System will lift you up above rocks, sticks, and roots. The drop stitch base acts like a box spring, creating an even, flat surface no matter what’s below it. Perfect for sleeping out under the open sky full of stars on a clear night!



If you’re looking for a quick way to get out on the water, the Sleep System’s dropstitch base can float! Just unzip the foam top first. And it’s fast and easy to pump up (unlike a SUP board).



Another big benefit of the drop stitch base: the lift off the ground means you’ll never wake up in a puddle! We’re from the PNW where soggy tent mornings are par for the course, so having an extra barrier and lift off the ground makes all the difference when the rain starts to fall.


Premium Comfort

As comfortable as your home mattress, the Sleep System’s premium engineered memory foam and performance comfort stretch nylon make a deliciously comfortable combination.


Adjustable Firmness

The Sleep System’s dropstitch base is adjustable to your custom comfort! For a firmer sleep, inflate to full rigidity. If you want a more plush, soft sleep, leave the base slightly under inflated so the air can move with you as you move.


Temperature Resilient

No matter if it’s winter or summer, the Sleep System is designed to perform across the wide temperature ranges encountered in the outdoors. Unlike your home mattress, the Sleep System will not get hard as a brick in the cold or turn super soft and mushy in the summer. To read more about HEST memory foam and its temperature performance, click here.


Phone Pocket

A convenient pocket at the head of the camping mattress makes for the perfect place to stash your phone, headlamp, or other small things you don’t want to lose track of in the night.



At HEST we believe in designing smart, durable products that will last for a long time. The drop stitch material used in the Sleep System’s inflatable base was chosen specifically for its durability against popping.


Quiet Sleep

The quiet properties of memory foam make for a dreamy sleep. Instead of noisy swishing every time you move, the foam silently conforms to your new position. Great for light sleepers.


The Sleep System honors HEST’s 100 day guarantee and 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects. So if you have any issues or defects we will take care of you.