September 12, 2023 3 min read

As summer fades into the rearview mirror, we are eagerly anticipating the change of seasons and the fall foliage that comes with it. The crisp air, cozy campfires, and stunning landscapes make camping in the fall a highlight for so many. Whether fall camping is your bread and butter or you’re trying it for the first time, we’ve compiled 5 fall camping tips to make sure you’re comfortable, warm and set up for success on your next adventure.

 Here are 5 tips for fall camping & autumn adventures


Be in the right place at the right time     

The key to witnessing the beauty of the fall colors is to choose the right location when the colors are peaking. Research the best places to see the foliage in your region and keep in mind that timing is crucial! Mid-September through October is the typical window for peak fall colors, but keep an eye on prediction maps, the colors changing around you and remember that weather can impact the timing of when the leaves change.


layer up!

The days are getting shorter, which means the temperatures are dropping! Layers should be a part of your fall camping checklist, as they allow you to adapt to changing temperatures and unpredictable weather. For smart layering on your camping trip, always pack a base layer, mid-layer, insulating layer and wind or waterproof shell to keep you dry. Extra wool socks are a small and easy item to pack to keep your feet dry and warm when you get back to camp for the night. We also like to add the HEST x Pollard Buff to our bag for some added warmth and style!


Keep cozy and warm on HEST’s temperature resilient foam mattresses

Did you know that most memory foam mattresses become hard as a rock when the temperature drops below 40 degrees fahrenheit? Luckily, HEST mattresses are designed with the fall camper in mind and are temperature resilient. Our mattresses will retain their shape, comfort and viscoelastic performance regardless of the temperature outside and are much more comfortable than any inflatable camping mattress. So, unlike your ex’s stone cold heart, your HEST won’t freeze up on you and will keep you comfortable throughout the night no matter the temperature.


keeping warm at camp

Since the temperatures are cooling off, we suggest switching out your summer sleeping bag for one rated for colder temperatures or adding a liner for some added warmth. If you’re worried about getting cold at night, one of our favorite tips to staying warm while camping in cooler temperatures is filling up a water bottle with hot water before bed. This will make sure your sleeping bag is warm before you get in and will keep you toasty as you fall asleep. Before bedtime, making warm and hearty meals are a great way to increase your internal temperature - from hot cider, to soups and curries, the possibilities of campfire cooking this autumn are endless!


enjoy the views!

Whether you’re hiking, biking, apple picking, or overlanding, be sure to take the time to look around you at the breathtaking foliage. This amazing spectacle from Mother Nature only happens once a year, so don’t forget to snap some photos and enjoy the adventure!



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