September 08, 2021 2 min read

Sleeping outdoors can have a significant impact on your health. While many go camping to escape the bustle of city life and have a relaxing time in nature, it’s also doing your body a load of good to sleep outside. Here are 5 reasons to seek out some fresh air & catch some zzz’s while sleeping on a comfortable two layer enhanced memory foam mattress with billions of microscopic air cells. 


Fresh air cleans out your lungs! Giving your oxygen pumpers a well deserved break from breathing in polluted metropolitan air is always good & helps to clean them out. Since the late 19th century when Tuberculosis was running rampant and sanatoriums became popular treatment centers: we’ve been aware that fresh air also stops bacteria from spreading. Breathing in a higher altitude slows the spread of bacteria in your lungs even further!


Fresh air with it’s higher concentration of oxygen helps your brain to work better and build up more serotonin. Sleeping outdoors also usually implies a break from screens, service, and blue light stimulation which EVERYONE can agree is important for mental health. We strongly encourage you to unplug your devices for the week- turn them in airplane mode and enjoy the present moment. 


Breathing in fresh air & bringing more oxygen to all the cells in your body can give your metabolism a boost while you’re sleeping.


Being away from ambient light and following a natural light/dark cycle is key for resetting your circadian rhythm’s sleep/wake cycle. Resetting your circadian rhythm leads to a better, more restful, consistent, and restorative sleep. 


When temperatures dip at night, it naturally helps our bodies adjust into rest mode. Cold temps  are better for sleep. Our enhanced memory foam is made for the outdoors and regulates your temperature for ideal sleeping temperatures.