May 09, 2023 4 min read

Tote Bags are one of the most versatile accessories that you can own. Whether you’re going to the grocery store, hitting the beach, or packing for a weekend getaway, tote bags are a must-have for carrying all your essentials. And when it comes to tote bags, the HEST Tote 50 is a game changer.

Here are the 12 Best Ways to Use The HEST Tote 50:


Carrying HEST gear

Obviously, the very best way to use your HEST 50 Liter Tote is to fill it up with all your HEST bedding! Sheets, Pillowcases, and Pillows all fit comfortably in the tote. And when you’re packing up at the end of your trip: the dirty bedding can stay stinky and separate in the cinch compression compartment. This foldable tote bag can be easily stored away once camping season has come to a close.


Pool party Tote Bag - colder drinks in cinch

Roomy enough for towels, swimsuits, sunscreen, pool toys and more! Bring this HEST Tote to the pool party. Cold drinks can cinch in the bottom keeping them shady and cool. Waterproof materials keep your tote contents dry, even if you’re in the splash zone.


Travel Bag

The HEST 50 Liter tote is uniquely designed to be a carry all that also packs small! At only 8oz and packing flat, this large tote bag is easy to pack on your next airplane trip. It doesn’t take up much room in your suitcase, and it unfolds to a roomy capacity so you can stock up on souvenirs and not have to worry about where they’ll fit!


Ski Bag for Extra Items

Goggles, gloves, buffs, hats, handwarmers, socks… there are so many small odds and ends you need when you go skiing it’s sometimes hard to keep track of them all. The HEST Tote makes for a fabulous Ski tote/carry all. Keep all those small loose items in one place and even better, when you’re done shredding for the day: it’s easy to keep the wet items separate from dry items in the cinch compartment!


Beach Bag

The HEST Tote 50 is the ideal beach tote bag. Sand and waterproof materials keep your tote clean and dry inside, and the daisy chain straps allow you to clip keys in one secure location. Plus the Tote 50 is super spacious, so your towels, sunscreen, swimsuit, beach toys, frisbee, etc. will all fit!


Kids Sports Games

Parents, we got you covered for watching your kid’s sporting events this summer. The HEST Tote 50 is the perfect bag to carry your child’s gear to and from the field - being able to separate stinky cleats from somewhat less stinky uniforms using the cinch feature. There’s also enough room for you to pack in a couple extra goodies for yourself. Orange slices anyone?



The perfect picnic bag! We love using the HEST Tote for picnics. Waterproof fabric means it’s easy to clean up any accidental spills, and a flat, wide bottom makes it great for transporting food in different kinds of containers.


Road trip Bag / Weekend Getaway tote

Everyone knows the dilemma of packing for a weekend trip where you don’t have quite enough stuff to bust out your bigger luggage, but still a little too much stuff to fit in a daypack… 

Instead of overstuffing a small pack or under-filling a suitcase we present: the HEST Tote. Big enough to fit a long weekend worth of clothes/gear PLUS the cinch compartment makes for a great place to stash your extra pair of shoes or dirty laundry.


Camping Trip / Dirty clothes goes in cinch

Packing for a camping trip can be quite a process. With so many small essential items you can’t forget, it’s hard to know where exactly you should keep them. We love the HEST Tote as a camp carry all. Headlamp, first aid kit, eye mask, sun hat, camp shoes, book to read, fire starters, bug spray… all those small loose things finally have a place to call home. The cinch compartment also makes for a great dirty clothes hamper after a couple of hot days in the sun you might want to separate stinky stuff…


 River Trip

With fully waterproof, lightweight material, the HEST Tote makes for a dreamy river trip tote bag! This packable tote will keep its contents dry in the boat. Plus use the cinch to keep the dries dry and the wets wet! Happy camper, happy floater!


 Rock Climbing Tote

Clip your climbing shoes and keys to the daisy chain, keep your extra layers, water, and snacks in a safe consolidated place! After climbing, throw the HEST Tote 50 in the wash for future uses.


 Pet tote bag

Traveling with your pet? The HEST Tote 50 is a great option to hold all your pet-necessities! Keep yourself organized by putting their food in the cinch compartment, while toys, leash and poop bags can be stored in the main pouch. This pet-proof tote is machine washable, keeping road-accidents stress free.