Dually Custom S


The Dually Custom S was designed with specific curvature and shaping to fit dreamily in a camper van. Two layers of temperature resilient memory foam in a portable, foldable form to make room for your gear during the day with plenty of room to sprawl when the sun goes down.


"It’s hard to overstate how comfortable the Dually is. I’d stay it rivals the Purple mattress I have in my bedroom. But unlike my bedroom mattress, the Dually is 100% at home in the outdoors." - Gear Junkie Review 

Using the same foam and fabrics as the classic Dually, the Custom S is the “California King” of our product line. Designed and shaped specifically for use in vans, the curved end piece fits perfectly between the back doors. The horizontal bi-fold design creates extra room for stowing gear, and when deployed in sleep mode, an extra couple inches of sprawl space.

Using Your Dually Custom S

Premium Comfort Built For Your Van