July 19, 2022 1 min read

While essential for a good night's sleep outdoors, packing a pillow to go camping is often an afterthought when you are headed out the door. There are three types of pillow campers in this world.....which one are you??  

1.) Home Pillow 
Are you someone who brings your home bed pillow camping? While comfortable it can be bulky and get dirty really easily from the elements of the outdoors.  

2.) DIY Pillow
Do you try to save space and weight by stuffing your sleeping bag stuff sack with random items to create a makeshift pillow? While it may save weight/space when packing, it tends to be super uncomfortable.  

 3.) HEST Pillow
Best of both worlds: it's comfortable and packable. Finally, a camp pillow with the comfort of home, but built for the outdoors.