July 08, 2022 1 min read


As you can see, the air mattress (and pillow) takes a lot of lung capacity and time to blow up and set up, while the HEST Foamy simply unclips and rolls out with ease and the HEST Pillow unstuffs and zips into a moderate loft, memory foam pillow.  

When it comes to settling in for the night and getting comfortable, air mattresses can be difficult as the distribution of air can be uneven, your sleeping bag can be slippery against your air mattress and not to mention super loud and noisy whenever you roll around or re-adjust throughout the night. The HEST Foamy is luxuriously plush and nearly silent whenever you make a move, creating a dreamy, comfy night of sleep under the stars, inside a tent, back of car or wherever you lay your head.



It’s officially time to stop sleeping on an air mattress when you go camping in the great outdoors. For decades, the outdoor industry has become complacent with only creating air mattresses. While air may save space and weight, they definitely compromise comfort.  When it comes to car camping, just say no to air and choose an enhanced memory foam mattress like the HEST Foamy. It is easy to carry, set up, quiet and as comfortable as your home bed.  Here is a video showing the story of a couple going camping, one with an air mattress and one with a Foamy mattress.