June 22, 2022 2 min read

Howdy! My name is Mindi Depaola. I am a Taiwanese American currently living in Boulder CO but from the prairie. Formally, I’m an environmental epidemiologist, and I work in climate change and environmental justice, working to amplify the voices of black and brown communities who are most impacted by climate change, co-creating scientific projects with EJ groups to do research that supports their advocacy efforts. Before Colorado, I spent the last few years living and working in the rural Andes mountains of Peru. When I’m not working in public health and equity, I’m an outside dog. You’ll see me with Queen P around the trails, touching rocks, spending more time on my ass than not when snowboarding, or trying to get more comfortable in the saddle (gravel + mountain + definitively not road).

Full Name: Mindi Wen Depaola
Nickname:min, min diesel
Specialty: Climate change + equity; otherwise, jack of all trades, master of absolutely none.
Age: 28 
Current Location: Boulder, CO
HEST Product:Dually because Piper is a queen, Foamy when I'm sans dog & Camp Pillow is a must

Side, front or back Sleeper? Back / Side

Any before bed rituals? Law and Order SVU, not sure if i would recommend.

Best dream you’ve had recently summed up in 3 words? C*vid-free life

Early bird or night owl? Night owl.

Coolest place you’ve ever woken up in? The heart of the Cordillera Blanca, Huaraz, Peru.

Land Legs or Sea Monster? Mountain goat.

Preferred method of getting your adrenaline/endorphins pumping? Probably trail running. 

What is one thing you can’t camp without? Down booties!!!

Dreams & goals for the next couple years? Personally, I'd like to get more comfy with all the outside hobbies I’ve gotten into since moving back stateside (read: everything). Big goal for the end of this year is to bike around the island of Taiwan! Professionally, I am working to incorporate equity into all of the science that my colleagues and I do and set an example for other environmental researchers - and I think that’s a pretty lofty goal so I’ll leave it at that.