July 07, 2022 3 min read

HEST Rigs We Dig GMC Sierra Camper Buildout Back of truck DuallyYour name: Evan Butteris  

Location: Boulder Colorado

Nickname: Roy

Make & Model: Toyota Tundra

Year: 2000, automatic

HEST products: HEST Dually Long & HEST Camp Pillows

Critical dimensions for your bed platform: 

Length: 77” Width (at narrowest point): 53” Height: 10” – just high enough to clear the wheel well.

HEST Rigs We Dig GMC Sierra Camper Buildout Back of truck platform bed with storage below

Is this your daily driver or getaway car?
My only car! I bought my truck for weekend escapes but ended up taking a job out of town so have been using it for commuting. I recently purchased a motorcycle to keep me out of the truck a bit.

What do you like most about your rig? 
Simplicity and versatility. Minimum effective effort. I built this platform with little more than two sheets of plywood and two 2x4s. I didn’t want to overthink the project since it’s used mostly for quick getaways. I think I found the most efficient solution in an effective package. It also is easily removable if I have the need to use the full truck bed.

HEST Rigs We Dig GMC Sierra Camper Buildout Back of truck camping set up with platform bed

On your average weekend adventure, what is the gear set up you bring with you? How did you navigate gear storage needs into your rig set up?
I bring a lot of extras and unnecessary accessories (just in case). A couple tables, a full kitchen tote, big water tank, shade structure, etc. I wanted to maintain as much of the trucks bed as possible so I wouldn’t have to shove everything below the platform or put a rack up top. I built the platform specifically for the Dually since the folding option is great to open up that extra storage.

Any cool custom details you’re proud of?
Figuring out an easy way to build an expanding platform, there were lots of different options but ultimately wanted to keep the engineering simple. I pull the mattress off the platform and throw it up on the roof. Then the outside, vertical support has three slats that slide out from under the other half of the platform. The platform has hinges at the middle so it flips open to rest on the slats, then the mattress goes back in on top!

Coolest place you’ve taken your rig to? 

Steamboat! Spent a weekend gravel and mountain biking. I was parked at a friends ranch but lived out of the truck. I’ve got a swing-away bike rack which makes it super easy to bring my bikes along and keep them stored on the vehicle, ready to go all weekend. If I want to head into town I just zip up my soft topper and swing the bikes back into place, ready to roll in two minutes flat.

Any projects in the pipeline to get the Cruiser even more adventure ready? 

The only thing unfinished from the original plan was to cover the platform with some fabric to prevent tears and splinters. The mattress has proven to be very durable and haven’t had to worry about that so still haven’t gotten around to it.

Biggest challenge in your build out? 

Limited tools. Borrowed a saw for long cuts, otherwise was running with a little jigsaw and a drill, another reason for keeping the plan simple.

Tips for others looking to do the same to their vehicle? 

Do what works for you. Don’t overthink the design or get caught up in aesthetics. If it get the job done and makes it more comfortable for you to spend time outdoors, that’s all that matters.