September 07, 2023 2 min read

We dig this rig! We can't decide what our favorite thing about this Tundra build out: the forest green color, the DIY custom platform build, or the lift. This is truck camping done right.

Your name:Van

Location: Seattle, WA

Nickname: None yet. Open to suggestions!

Make & Model:  2003 Toyota Tundra AC Automatic

HEST products:Dually Wide, Standard Pillows & Bedding (Fitted 60 & Standard Pillowcase)

Critical dimensions for your bed platform:  Length 72" x Width 60"

Is this your daily driver or getaway car?

Daily Driver

What do you like most about your rig? 

Being a “small” full size truck, still get a V8 engine without being as big as most new trucks. Basically the same size as current Tacomas with more character!

On your average weekend adventure, what is the gear set up you bring with you? 

Always bring the kitchen. Always. If you’re going to have anything when car camping, at least have some good food. Add in a good sleep setup and there’s nothing to complain about.

How did you navigate gear storage needs into your rig set up?

The benefit to having an access cab is you just throw all your extra gear in the back of the cab and keep the bed of the truck nice and tidy. Storage under the sleeping platform keeps the creature comforts nearby.

Any cool custom details you’re proud of? 

Not yet, the platform is custom but with a trip to Home Depot and a few hours anyone can have one.

Coolest place you’ve taken your rig to?

Wherever we’re going next weekend.

Any projects in the pipeline to get your rig even more adventure ready? 

Just have to attach the sliders and winch and we’re pretty much well rounded for all access. Waiting on a re-gear to compensate for the extra weight. 

Biggest challenge in your build out? 

Finding a good 4x4 mechanic and a fabricator.

Tips for others looking to do the same to their vehicle?

Just do it. Get a used truck. Build a cheap platform and you’re all set. Everything else comes with time. Most of us living in the real world can’t afford to drop $7-10K on a pre built camper or a $100K van build out. Just get the rig that gets you out. No one taking pictures for social media is going to want to scratch up their ride and you’ll find yourself alone in the coolest places at a massive discount.

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