February 09, 2021 3 min read

In this day and age there truly are SO MANY different adventure ready vehicles to choose from: Tesla Camping, to Sprinter Van, RV, and everything in between, the build out ideas and inspiration never stops flowing! At HEST we always appreciate the ingenuity of DIY builds. As product designers by profession and weekend warriors by passion, our team is obsessed with functionality and how a design will incorporate in to everyday life. DIY truck & van build outs are the pinnacle of smart design meeting practical function. Taking a moment to celebrate these projects and give them the love they deserve:

Shot of Toyota Tundra with built out camper & HEST Dually mattress in the back

Vehicle Make & Model: Toyota Tundra 
Year: 2005 
HEST product: HEST DUALLY wide
 Name: Kevin Luby
Daily driver or getaway car? Daily Driver

Critical dimensions for bed platform 
Length: 72" Truck bed length is closer to 75"
Width: 62" But truck beds are tapered so the width varies and is wider in some spots
Height: 10.5"
Head clearance: 31.5" 

What were the basic goals of your build out?

This build out kinda serves two purposes. In the summer, it's all about camping with its slide out drawer, and multiple fold-up gear storage compartments for things like camp chairs, water jugs, knick knacks, etc. Most of the summer essentials needed to be stored under the platform so we always have a nice surface ready for sleeping.

In the winter it's designed for easy gear transport with days of skiing/snowmobiling in mind. We ain't sleeping it in the winter though. I can fit up to 6 pairs of skis under the platform. I've got a spot for snowmobile oil & gas that won't shift around and a spot for tools. And even when it's fully loaded up, I maintain a mostly flat, easy-to-use surface for bags and other packed items.

How did you incorporate gear storage needs into your build?   

Gear is stored in the slide-out drawer, or in fold up compartments that allow access to almost the entire full bed of the truck. 

The Dually Wide fits pretty much perfect in my setup, edge to edge & front to back with minimal gaps, etc to lose things off the side of the bed. Plus, when we're traveling between camp spots, I can fold up the mattress, stand it on its spine, and push it to one side of the truck bed, so I have ample room for other gear on top of the platform.

A truck-shell build out isn't exactly spacious, but with this mattress, we have had no problem hunkering down in bad weather, reading a book, playing cards, or watching playoff basketball on my phone. Oddly enough, I almost look forward to hopping into the truck and curling up every night.

On your average weekend adventure, what is the gear set up you bring with you? 

Summer: Winter:
5 Gal water jug, fits in fold up wheel well storage
Coleman Stove & full cook set, fits in slide out drawer.
Roll up table, fits in center fold-up compartment
2x full-size camp chairs, fits in center fold up compartment
2x sleeping bags fits in wheel well compartment
2x pillows - fits in wheel well compartment
Golf clubs - fits under center fold up compartment
2x stand up paddle boards - doesn't really fit under the platform
4-Place bike rack on the hitch

Skis & Poles 2x - 4x - fits under platform (remove slide out drawer if necessary) 
5 Gallons of extra sled gas - fits in wheel well compartment
2 gallons of snowmobile oil - fits in wheel well compartment
Toolset - Fits in wheel well compartment.

Custom details special in your build?
I measured my gear, but I wasn't like crazy precise. But I really like how most of my key gear fits with the slide out drawer or fold up compartments. The water jug & sled gas container both fit in a perfect spot, the long center fold up compartment is great for chairs, golf clubs, skis, etc. The way the storage is built out, nothing really rattles around in the bed.  

Toyota Tundra Built Out for Sleeping

Sickest destination you’ve taken your rig to?
I only finished this thing last fall... so the Unitas I suppose... many more adventures to come though.   

Anything you wish you’d done differently with the build?
Not really, things are working out pretty well.  

Toyota Tundra built out sleeping platform - DIY