November 18, 2022 3 min read

If you love to ski as much as we do, you’ve probably experienced the recurring fantasy about quitting your life and becoming a ski bum for a winter. Consider this blog post a sign to live out your dreams and full send on ski bumming this winter! We’ve compiled our best advice on how to make your pow dreams a reality:


Do a little research as to where you want to ski. If it’s multiple places: what mountains are on the different multi mountain pass options. If you’re doing the full nomadic winter, you can save some $ if you plan your pass purchase based on destinations.


A winter full of shredding can get expensive. Putting some thought into how you’ll earn your keep will pay off in the long run. Some options for how you can swing the whole “work” part of the winter:

Get a remote job!

It’s 2022… most companies with computer based jobs have realized that people want to work from home and have become way more flexible in accommodating remote work. If this is feasible for you at this time in your career, it’s a good option. Just make sure you’ve got consistent WiFi. A lot of ski towns have opened coworking spaces like Pass Life in Snoqualmie.

Pros: higher salary, flexible schedule.

Cons: more lonely/won’t meet people through work + always looking for wifi

Find a job on the mountain!

Most resorts hire an extensive seasonal staff with lots of different job options. Whether you get a job as a lifty or slanging burgers in the lodge, getting an on mountain job means you can get some turns in on your lunch break.

Pros: shred on your lunch break, free ski pass

Cons:  lower wages, housing problems

Find a job in town near the resort you want to ski!

 Resort towns are also huge seasonal hiring hubs. Restaurant/hospitality industry often pays well and is a fast paced place to spend your working hours.

Pros: potential to make more $ than an on mountain job, more schedule flexibility/control 

Cons: having to pay for a pass, restaurant jobs are hard work


Most mountain ski towns these days are pricey places to live and rent. Finding affordable lodging in most resort towns is a challenge. If you end up working at a mountain, some jobs offer employee housing but options are usually limited. Vanlife is a great alternative option, just make sure you prepare the necessary comforts to last through the winter. A heater, temperature resilient memory foam like in the HEST mattresses, a way to dry out your gear between ski days, there are a lot of logistics to consider here. Read more advice for full timing out of your vehicle.


If you plan to become a ski bum this winter, it goes without saying you’ll be driving in snow on a regular basis. Four wheel drive or a car with some basic snow driving capabilities is a must


If you’ll be shredding most days this winter, it’s worth upgrading the gear in your kit that needs a refresh. Whether it’s your skis, bindings or gloves, a weak point in your kit will become even weaker after a proper daily thrashing this winter. Save yourself the discomfort and invest in the upgrade now.


If the dream is to ski every day this season or at least clock in 100 days, it’s important to stretch and recover those ski legs!


You can’t get sunburned on cloudy days right? WRONG. Make sure you wear sunscreen on the exposed parts of your face, even when you think you can’t get burnt that day. Snow reflects, people.


If you can swing it, only ski weekdays and save those weekends for other activities. You’ll miss the crowds and find all the freshies before anyone else gets to them!


If you are stressed about not being able to get to the mountain, don’t worry, there’s an app for that! Skibuds is a sweet app designed to help you find people to ride with, carpool and partake in a little apres! The app also allows you to check the conditions and lift status notifications.