November 28, 2022 3 min read

We’ve teamed up with some of the artists & brands that we admire to dream up these limited edition designs. HEST X: Limited Series is a celebration of collaboration.

Eric Pollard grew up in Welches, Oregon at the base of Mt. Hood and now resides in Parkdale, Oregon. His first attempt skiing was at two years old and he hasn’t stopped since chasing down dreams as a professional skier, producer, designer, artist and father. 

Today Eric directs, produces, edits, films and skis in his own movies, which are free to watch on On top of all this, Eric designs skis and snowboards for his company season eqpt. Eric has spent over a decade designing and innovating ski equipment. Check out his website and follow him on Instagram!

This limited edition HEST X Pollard print was designed exclusively for HEST by Pollard reflecting how he spends time outdoors through basic symbols of mountains, oceans, snow, campfires, flowers and more. Only available here on

What was the inspiration behind the HEST X EP Pillow artwork? 

The outdoors. Sleeping under the stars and experiencing different environments from forests to deserts or mountains to oceans, I just find it all to be so inspiring.  

What advice would you give to other dreamers like yourself?  

There is no wrong way or right way for that matter, and it’s not just what you do, but how you do it that defines your art. 

How would you describe the kind of art you tend to create?  

Good question, I don’t know. I don’t really specialize in one type of art, so it’s difficult to describe. I’ve messed around with a pretty broad spectrum of media. I’ve worked in most every kind of paint and ink media I can think of, quite a lot of mixed media and collage work, decades of graphic design, and a huge amount of my creative energy has been focused on motion pictures. Most recently I’ve been taking pictures, and I’ve found that all my work in cinema, graphic design, and painting have translated into a solid foundation for photography.   So I guess I would describe my art as…. Well actually I still don’t know. 

What first got you interested in making art? 

I’ve always appreciated art and the full spectrum of emotions and ideas expressed in it’s forms. For me, my first foray into art was with motion pictures and graphic design when I was 11 or so. Nothing major, but certainly significant. My friends and I messing around with my folks video camera led to me buying my first 16mm camera at 16 years old and making films. Similarly with graphic design, what began as simply painting on my own skis led to my first opportunity to actually paint and layout and design a proper graphic for a company at 18 years old.

How do your experiences in the outdoors influence your artwork?

Actually I made film and book on the subject titled "Drawn From Here”.  Check it out:

What is your dream mural location? 

 I don’t dream of murals.  

Where do you look for inspiration when you’re experiencing a creative block?  

Very good question. Movement is key for me. Anything that demands intense focus, singular focus.  For me surfing, skiing, snowboarding and soccer are my go to movements.  The act really clears my head, almost like a reset.  New experiences are also very helpful.  Travel and different culture often render some insight and perspective..