July 21, 2023 3 min read

Hest Test: 285 days (and counting) on the hest dually

Introducing HEST Test, the ultimate test to see the longevity of HEST Products during consecutive use. We interviewed our friends Dirt Shuttle (Laura & Dylan) how they sleep on their HEST bed living full time out of their vehicle (285 consecutive nights!). Sleeping out of their 2013 Ram 1500 (a Rig We Dig), Dirt Shuttle recounts their nightly routine with us below:

Your name:  Laura & Dylan - @dirt.shuttle

Age: 23 and 26

Location: Mammoth Lakes, California

Consecutive Nights on a HEST: 285 nights!

HEST Products: Dually Wide, Camp Pillows, Pillow Cases, Fitted Sheet and our dog Timmy has the Small Dog Bed.

What is your dominant sleeping position?

Dylan sleeps on his side but I sleep like a plank on my stomach.

Early bird or night owl? 

Both early birds!

Where’d you sleep?

 We've slept in our 2013 Ram 1500 all over Arizona, Nevada and California!     

What did you fill your days with?

Our HEST has been our daily driver so it’s seen it all. Long days after work, big hikes, epic powder days, relaxing by the coast and more.

Take us through your sleep journey night by night: How was your sleep? Did you wake up at all?

Not at all! The HEST Dually Wide gives us the best sleep either of us have ever had in a rig.

How did your sleep affect how you felt during the day? Did you feel energetic? Rested?

We always wake up feeling rested and cozy. The only downside is how hard it is to get out of bed in the morning.

How was your temperature regulation/body temp during the test?

Too good!! We slept on our HEST every night throughout the winter and we were amazed by below 0 nights that our mattress remained soft and warm. Especially when we got our HEST Fitted Sheet.

Was there anything that you noticed about your sleep that changed once you were a couple nights in on the HEST?

Just how well we both slept compared to other sleep systems we have both used in the past. We also just have so much room to stretch out with our Dually Wide.

How does sleeping on a HEST camping pad compare to the sleeping pad you were using before?

You can’t even compare them. Prior, I was sleeping on just a piece of regular memory foam I cut and put in my van. It would get hard in the cold and started to lose padding after a few months. We’re nearly 10 months in on the HEST and it’s the same as the day we got it.

How does sleeping on a HEST compare to sleeping on your bed at home?

Our HEST Dually Wide IS our home mattress in the back of our truck home but it’s just as comfy if not better than a normal home mattress.

Do you have any pinch points in your sleeping habits that can greatly affect your comfort/rest?

Yes, I crushed two discs in my lower back when I was younger during a racing accident and my sleep has never been the same since then. That being said I have felt more mobile, less sore, and haven’t had nearly as many sleepless nights since purchasing the HEST mattress.

Before bed routine on the trip? 

Most nights after dinner we have a campfire when allowed, wash our faces and brush our teeth and watch a movie or TV show on our iPad before going to sleep!