March 08, 2023 3 min read

Using HEST Bedding is super simple. Just like your home bed, our fitted sheets & pillowcases are designed to be a perfect fit with your HEST mattress. Easy to use, clean, and store – here are the details on how to make the most out of your HEST bedding.

fitted sheet instructions


1.  Set up your HEST mattress(es)

2. Open the toggle bungle keeping your HEST sheet in its bundle.

3. Unstuff the stowed bundle and give the sheet a shake or two to let it take its full shape.

4. Line up the stow pocket with the pocket at the head of your mattress.  

5. Stretch the elastic around all four corners of the bed.

6. Tuck the stow pocket in and stash important items like phone and keys  for safekeeping.

7. Sweet dreams!


1.  Remove the sheet on all four corners of the mattress.

2. Give the sheet a shake to get any dirt or debris off before you pack the sheet away.

3. There are a couple different methods for how to approach stowing your fitted sheet back into its integrated pocket.  

DOGGIE BAG METHOD - Turn the stow pocket inside out, put one hand inside the pocket, then grab a handful of the sheet fabric, one fistful at a time, and start stuffing into the pocket from the bottom (nearest your inside hand) up until it is full stuffed and the stow pocket is right side out with the HEST logo and text on the outside of the sheet.  

-Pros: fast, easy and efficient!  
-Cons: Purely aesthetic - the stowed form is a little bulkier looking.

ROLL UP - Holding your sheet up with the stow pocket farthest away from you, fold the long edges of the fitted sheet in so it is roughly the same width as the pocket then ROLL the sheet up until the roll is inside the pocket.   

-Pros: easy & looks more neat/tidy when it’s stowed.  
-Cons: Takes a little more time.  

FOLD METHOD - Just like the roll up method, start at the end opposite of the stow pocket. Fold the long sides in to make the width the same size as the pocket. Instead of rolling up: fold the sheet up using the pocket as a reference for how skinny to make the folds.    

-Pros: looks the nicest when stowed. Fits in the pocket the flattest. 
-Cons: Takes the most time to put away. 

NOTE: The first couple times you use your HEST Fitted Sheet, it will fit tightly. Pull the elastic all the way over the corners. With time & use, the elastic will relax making it a little easier to put the sheet on.


Okay maybe we are being super obvious here but just in case you want to brush up on your pillowcase application skills, here’s how we use the pillowcase:

setting up

1. Open your HEST pillow to sleep mode.

2. Slide your HEST pillow into the pillowcase.

3. Use the overlap flap to secure pillowcase in place & tuck the pillow  into the other end of the case. 

4. Sweet dreams!

Putting away

1. Take the pillowcase off of the HEST pillow.

2. Fold the pillowcase up.

3. We like to stow the pillowcase inside the HEST pillow when not in use: stuff your pillowcase into the bulk of the pillow & zip up to travel mode!

HOT TIP: Another method we’ve seen work is to leave the pillowcase half on the pillow by pulling out the zippered end of the pillow. Then when you stuff the HEST pillow into stow mode, the pillowcase stays on and stuffs with it, so it’s ready to use next time you unstuff into sleep mode.


Like with any camping gear, you’re going to want to properly air out/dry your HEST bedding after use & before longtime storage. Do not store your bedding after use when it is wet.   

The HEST Bedding is designed with water & dirt resistant fabric, so it stays fresh longer, but when it is time for a wash we recommend cold, gentle cycle and hang dry or use a machine dryer on low to make your bedding last longer.  

Store bedding in a cool, dry place!