April 21, 2022 2 min read

Ashley Lieber is a dream interpreter who provides a direct connection to the UNCONSCIOUS self.  Events that occur in dreams are usually outside the control of the dreamer.  Buried memories, feelings and thoughts that we may not be aware of in our waking life come to the forefront when we fall asleep and dream.  

Tell us more about yourself? Where do you live?I live in Paonia, Colorado and I largely work as a professional artist.  I make large scale and small ecologically minded artworks that are often made of moss, lichen, natural wood and sometimes bone and gems/stones. 
You are going to be a dream interpreter at HESTIVAL! Can you tell us more about your dream interpreter experience? I've been fascinated with dreams and dream interpretation since 1999!  My experience is mostly in reading and research, and talking with people close to me. 
What should one expect when they get their dreams interpreted?  Insight! The subconscious mind is a powerful place! We can gain deeper understanding about our fears, desires and aspirations- to name a few things. Also, what’s working and not working in our lives- on levels deeper than what may meet the eye. 
Should they prepare in any way? Wrote motes?  The most important thing is to “re-play” your dream in your mind FIRST thing, when you wake up. We have a tendency to forget our dreams (or large parts of them), as soon as we talk or move. I recommend keeping your eyes closed, re-playing your dream, then move and take some notes - not just what happened but also how you felt. 
Why do you think it's important to talk about dreams?  I think it’s important as humans that we strive to understand ourselves, so we can fully show up in the world. Dreams can show us things about ourselves that we are running or hiding from. 
Sometimes it is hard to remember what we dreamed, is that good, bad or okay?  It just is what it is. The more one practices paying attention to their dreams, the easier they are to remember. 

How does a good night's sleep affect your dreams?  It’s easier to remember your dreams, in some cases- but not always.

Anything else people should know about visiting you as a dream interpreter at HESTIVAL? I'm excited to meet you and talk about your dreams with you!  Feel free to bring dreams you have at the festival or former ones, that you've taken notes on.