August 06, 2020 2 min read

We spent a week spent at the edge of the ocean, camping in a van. 

We forgot booties (burr) but caught waves anyways. Rode until our feet were so numb it felt like they would never recover. We buried them in the hot sand till the pins and needles went away and watched our goose bumps gradually disappear in the warm sunlight. Burrowing our toes further and further into warm sandy heaven.

For dinners (& breakfasts) we steamed onions & spicy sausages in warm Rainier (yum) on a cast iron skillet in the campfire. We flopped onto our camping mattress full & happy. Slept under the stars with a coastal breeze tickling our feet and memory foam hugging our bodies.

We said hi to banana slugs. Hola to the big beautiful trees. Bonjour to a gorgeous mom deer & her two fawns who we watched while completely quiet and still. They sauntered over to us and came so close we could have pet them if we wanted.  (Thanks for trusting us doe).

The van got stuck in the sand (of course). The tires spun us in deeper and deeper. Luckily we had a strap and a Land Rover... thank you 4 wheel drive. Pulled out & immediately stuck ourselves again. If you've never gotten an old 2wd van stuck in soft sand you've never lived. 

Picked our way through low tide mud flats, muck sucking up our boots with each step. We harvested oysters plucked straight from the mud and cooked them on the open fire smothered in garlic & butter (yum). Best meal of the trip by far... put everyone in a food coma. We dozed off on our camping mattresses exceptionally early that night.