May 31, 2019 1 min read

Who hid the reverse button.

“Dad. I like you.”

If you have been parenting long enough you will realize that those four words are more precious than gold. (And at times, more elusive than the leprechaun who guards the pot.)

You take extra care to plan trips that give plenty of room for fond moments and that pleasant silence that comes from a lifetime together.
Hest Founder Aaron Ambuske and his daughter
A day on the coast. This was one of those trips.

Surfing in the PNW requires a little bit of extra effort. Wait, scratch that. It requires a healthy dose of extra effort. Three and half hours to waves and to top it off – snow was on the ground. 

You may be asking – “do you have a screw loose?” and that would be a reasonable question – but remember that “I like you.” – If you say let’s go surfing – and the reply is that sounds fun! – you go. No matter what.

Surfing the washington coast

And this is where the story ends. Not because the day was cut short, but because there comes a time when you put down the phones and computers and cameras – and just enjoy what is in front of you. Do yourself a favor. Plan a trip. Sleep under the stars and get away even for just one night. That kid machine isn’t slowing down and you don’t want to miss it.

~ your friends at Hest.

Surfing the washington coast.

Camping on the washington coast