April 28, 2020 1 min read

Oh, hey. Howz it goin? Baked some bread lately? Tried to put a shirt on while in a handstand, drinking a beer and washing the dog at the same time? Organized every part of your house - twice?

Yeah. Us either.

Between morning naps, afternoon naps, and pre-bedtime naps we worry just like you. Am I going to get sick? How is this all going to effect our families? What is going to happen with the economy?
Hard, scary questions with no easy answers.

Sitting on the back stoop the other night, listening to the silence of a slower pace. The sudden smell of salt air filled the memories. Road trips to our favorite surf breaks. You know the ones - vague directions that are sworn to secrecy. Oh, and that time, cussing at your inner voice that said 14,000 feet of climbing sounded “fun”. And the clink of tin cups filled with celebration of a day well played.

What does all of this ramble mean? Summer is coming. The warm air, the adventures to be had and the people to share them with. It is all waiting. And if we are honest with ourselves - we will appreciate it and savor it like never before.

Hang in there.

~ Team HEST