December 08, 2020 2 min read

Our dreamy Pillow is ready for adventure! Cars, trucks, motels, tents, trains, planes... wherever you're headed the Pillow is a perfect companion.


1) Unzip the top zipper of the cover.
2) Reverse cover and deploy pillow. 
3) Zip cover closed
4) Sweet dreams!* 
*It is possible to remove fill to reduce the volume of the pill.  To do so, access the fill through the side zipper.




1) Unzip pillow and stuff into cover.     
2) Push as much fill deep into the cover as possible.   
3) Zip the top zipper closed- holding the pillow between your arm or torso to help close the cover as you zip. 
4) Hit the road!

Remove cover  to machine wash.  Follow instructions on care label.

Store in a cool and dry location.



1) Unzip the side zipper.
2) Pull out the inner Pillow liner through the side zipper.
3) Unzip the liner.
4) Pull out as much fill as you like.
5) Rezip liner.
6) Put liner back in the cover & zip side zipper.