December 31, 2019 2 min read

A first - only happens once.
And then they become etched into your life long memory bank. First time on skis, first wheelie, first wave, first cast, first donut, first bike, first board, first shooting star, first camp fire, first time swimming all the way across the lake and also, that one first time you don’t want to repeat. Because let’s be honest. Not all firsts are pleasant and thankfully the good ones generally out weight the stinky ones. Except that first broken arm from the giant rope swing at grandpa's cabin.
Now that was an adventure. Will never forget that one. 

But why all the talk of firsts? 
As the year comes to a close we are remembering fondly 2019 as a first for Hest. First late night dreaming and scheming ways to spend more time in the great outdoors, first prototypes, first night under the stars diligently making notes as we slept. First morning waking up - promptly forgetting all the amazing technical features. First note pad next to the bed that has turned into volumes on how we slept, adventures to take, fire breathing unicorns and high school exams we showed up to in our pajamas.

Our first product. 

Admittedly a camp mattress isn’t exactly rocket science. Or summiting mountain peaks or even hero parent status for the ultimate s’mores and fire side ghost story combo. BUT - with out a great nights sleep - all of those wonderful things might not happen at all. It is a simple philosophy really. The better you sleep in the great outdoors, the more fun you will have and the more you will want to get out and go!

So this is our first time thanking you.

What a wonderful journey this is turning out to be. Seeing and hearing about all the things you have done and adventures you have taken - it makes our hearts happy. 

Know that we are already dreaming about 2020 and what is possible and it is our sincere hope that this first - is really a first of many, many to come.

See you next year,
Team Hest.