August 26, 2019 1 min read

This was Moab

When you combine the desert with friends, mountain bikes and a splash of tequila, words can start to bend and sound kinda funny. 



They say ‘yoop’ is a combination of ‘yay’ and ‘whoop’.  

If you come across two llamas and two donkeys by the side of the road it goes without saying that you might be in the middle of nowhere. You can’t yoop, yoop a donkey or a llama but you could definitely yoo-hoo them. 

Yoop, yoop IS good for parts of Captain Ahab. No dabs, bails or tacos but there were quesadillas for dinner.



The quesadillas?  Those we cooked literally on the campfire. 

Speaking of quesadillas, you know what goes great with quesadillas? Tequila. Also guacamole.



If a bunch of your friends watch you clean a section they’ll woo-hoo you and they also may yew you which is a great sound. That made me smile.




I’ve heard it isn’t a road trip without Taylor Swift.  That could be true. However, Taylor Swift never went mountain biking with me and she for sure has never made me coffee in the morning. 



 What I do know for sure is that it's not a road trip without friends.