July 11, 2022 1 min read

Premium Comfort for your HEST Friend!  

Take it from this pack of doggos, the new HEST Dog Bed is comfyyyy. No one plays harder than your dog when you are out camping: so many smells to smell, lakes to swim and trails to run! Give them the best sleep outdoors with the first-ever memory foam dog bed built for the outdoors.  It's packable and portable, making it much easier for their hoomans to take camping and traveling instead of the bulky home dog bed. Nothing less for your HEST friend! 

MEET Sky, Darwin, Swami & Chimmy

Home comfurrt isn't just for hoomans! Adventure doggos like Chimmy deserve the best too. Everyone knows pupperinos play hardest when they're out on adventures, so treat them to the premium comfort and sleep they deserve at night.

"Every hound knows you gotta sleep well to send it! This frickin' new bed is INSANE." - Sky, German Shorthair Pointer
"Premium comfort for your HEST friend," - Darwin, Lab Mix 
"Finally a pad I ain't gotta worry gittin' crashed on," - Swami, Bloodhound 
"Nothing less for your HEEEEEST friend," - Chimmy, Golden Retriever