February 18, 2021 2 min read


How to measure your Vehicle for camping memory foam mattresses

There are a couple crucial measurements you’ll need to determine how a HEST mattress will fit in the back of your vehicle. Here’s a simple guide to ensure the best fit for your mobile nest.

Flatten the back row of seats to create the platform you’ll be sleeping on top of, and climb on in!  You’ll need to take the following measurements to calculate your Maximum Sleepable Area:


Measure from the top edge of your Sleepable Area to the trunk or end of your truck bed. Make sure to account for the trunk or tailgate needing to close.


Measure the width of your sleeping platform at its narrowest point (which is usually between the wheel wells). 


Measure from the ceiling to platform. Some cars have different heights throughout the vehicle depending on their body shape, so while you’re in your car anyways this is a good time to lay down and test how it feels. 


Now that you have measurements, compare them to our product line to determine which will work best for your vehicle:


LENGTH 78” 72” 78”
WIDTH 25” 60” 50”
THICKNESS Foam w/ base: 7”
Only foam: 3.9”
3.9” 3.9”
PACKED DIMENSIONS 16” x 28”  72" x 30" x 7.8" 78" x 25" x 7.8"

There are a couple things to remember when considering fit:


  • If your Mattress curls up a bit to fit that’s no problem! It actually makes a nice place to read especially when combined with a HEST Pillow. 
  • The base of the Sleep System can zip off and roll away into your roof box if you don’t think you’ll inflate it. It does add height so if you are tight on headspace, we recommend not inflating it. If you want additional support, we do recommend inflating it.  
  •  The high quality memory foam will conform to any weird cracks! 


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