April 22, 2020 1 min read

It’s easy to say on any day of the year “I love the Earth’ and it’s even easier on Earth Day, it's the TBT of holidays, everyone is onboard. Celebrating anything is fun and celebrating something as awesome as our Earth isn’t a hard sell. But what does it mean, really? Embarrassingly, take a look in my gear closet and there are a lot of unnecessary, poorly made, poorly considered and if I’m not careful, eventual land fill material in there all purchased with the idea of getting closer to nature. 

This may feel like a non-sequitur but just hang in there. Mercedes Benz gives out a High Mileage Award to its owners who put more than 155,000 miles on their cars. There is a 1970 280SE that was purchased new in CA and then driven by its owners for 1,019,000 miles. The current Mercedes-Benz High Mileage champ however is Gregorios Sachinidis, a Greek taxi driver who holds the known record of more than 2.8 million miles in his 1976 Mercedes-Benz 240D.

What would the affect be on the Earth if every purchase we made was meant to last for one million metaphorical miles?