March 19, 2020 1 min read

Some of us like going up more than down.

Some of us, not many maybe, may even learn to paraglide to make sure that we could keep skiing … up? When your dreams are about glide ratios, lines, LZs and about gear getting lighter, more packable, and more flexible you’re probably a few degrees from a weekend resort skier.

Brian is.

Brian works in Seattle but lives in Cashmere, close to the mountains. Brian started speedriding because he did love going up. Speedriding gave him a way down when the snow or terrain wasn’t good enough to ski. Flying of course opens up a whole ‘nother world of options on the way down, you just need to figure out your glide ratio and where to land.

All this sounds like a little much, you know? Like, what’s next? The thing about Brian though is it isn’t. To him playing more is about balance. Balancing his life between play time and work time is where the sweet spot is. Full time recreating is outta whack - too much of a good thing is too much. 

For the record Brian is a dreamer and has dreamt about speedriding. 

In his dreams he sees calm mornings and no wind.