September 23, 2020 1 min read

HEST has always been about supporting and pursuing dreams. Throughout our journey to create products that elevate your experience in the outdoors, we constantly draw inspiration from artists in our outdoor community. We asked a few of our favorite artists to create a design inspired by dreaming under the stars with HEST. These gorgeous shirt designs are available through our Kickstarter rewards packages!

Sleep Quiz:

Side, Front or Back Sleeper? Side
Any before bed rituals? Try not to fall asleep when I put my 4 and 9 years olds to bed.
Best dream you’ve had recently in 3 words? Abstract, interesting, recharging.
Early bird or night owl? Depends on the day.
Oceans or Mountains? I try to surrender to both as often as I can.
Coolest place you’ve ever woken up in? On the side of a mountain.

Eric Pollard grew up in Welches, Oregon at the base of Mt. Hood and now resides in Parkdale, Oregon. His first attempt skiing was at two years old and he hasn’t stopped since. Today Eric is a professional skier and has been since he was 15 years old, skiing in major ski films such as Matchstick Productions, Poor Boyz Productions, and Warren Miller.

Today Eric directs, produces, edits, films and skis in his own movies, which are free to watch on On top of all this, Eric designs his own Pro Model products for Line Skis, Anon, and Dakine. Eric has spent over a decade designing and innovating ski equipment. Check out his website and follow him on Instagram!

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