June 15, 2021 2 min read

Some of the most beautiful camping memories are often made after the sun goes down. Campfires, ghost stories, s’mores, cozy tent sleeps, and of course getting in some quality time with the night sky. Stargazing has a wonderful way of making you feel tiny and insignificant (in the best way) while also striking curiosity & imagination. Many a-ha moments have come to many people while looking up at the night sky.

While the stars are out every night, & awesome celestial events happen year round, summer in particular is a fabulous season for stargazing. Warmer temperatures & clearer skies make for ideal conditions to pull your Sleep System out of the tent, gaze your heart out, and fall asleep under a beautiful blanket of planets & stars.

We’ve put together a couple tips to dial in your stargazing for maximum enjoyment this summer:

Yep! There are a lot of stars up there!!! While you can absolutely enjoy the stars without knowing what you’re looking at, sometimes it’s fun to check the constellations. We usually try to avoid looking at our phones at all while in the great outdoors, but downloading a decent AR cell phone app like Star Walk 2 Free or Night Sky is a great way to make sense of the celestial chaos.

Solar Eclipses, meteor showers, satellite flyovers & everything in between... there are a lot of ridiculously cool things happening in the night sky! A little bit of research ahead of time might reveal something special to keep an eye out for when you’re getting your gaze on. Space.com has a comprehensive celestial calendar as does SeaSky.org.

One of the reasons stargazing is so much more delicious while camping is lack of light pollution. While getting outside of the city helps tremendously to see stars, visiting a designated Dark Sky Place will mean even brighter, more vivid gazing. Plus it’s a great excuse to plan a trip to someplace new!

While a ton of people want to camp under the full moon, we recommend camping during the new moon when the sky is the darkest. Especially if you are camped in a Dark Sky location mentioned above!

Okay this might be a no brainer but clouds/rain make it really hard to see much of anything… Check the weather!!!!

Sure, you can look up at the sky while standing or sitting, but doing so on top of 4 inches of dreamy memory foam really takes it to the next level. Add a sleeping bag, a glass of wine or cup of tea, and a HEST Pillow under your head and congrats: you’ve mastered the art of stargazing!