February 13, 2020 1 min read

A crazy dream is a sign of a good night’s sleep and a good night’s sleep makes all your adventures better. 

Turns out Sofi Tukker was hanging out with the US Equestrian Team, the Red Bull Skydivers did land on a beach and that Cookie Monster ice cream inside a donut was real. Phew, wouldn’t want to think too hard about what all that meant … oh, yeah, this all happened in a desert.

Land Rover launched the Series 1 seventy some-odd years ago as the ‘Go Anywhere’ vehicle. We can get behind that idea. To launch the brand new Defender, Land Rover threw a party in style in Palm Springs and we were invited.

We went to share the Sleep System with a whole new group of dreamers, throw some axes, check out Anderson Paak and do some Acro Yoga.

It did happen, the adventure was real. Many thanks to Land Rover for including us in their party and to all the new friends we met.