January 12, 2021 2 min read

Planning On Winter Camping At your Local ski hill? HEST can help.

Seems like everyone is tricking out a van these days… Sprinter, Transit, Vanagon, or Metris: you can’t argue with the convenience & comfortability of having a mobile crash pad, especially during ski season! Winter van camping presents it’s own unique set of challenges, here’s a list of tips we’ve found to make the experience as seamless, warm and cozy as possible:

Winter Camping Essentials

1. BOOT DRYER - Invest in a boot dryer that hooks up to whatever power source you have in your vehicle. There’s nothing worse than putting on a pair of soggy, cold boots in the morning. Wet feet = cold feet! Save yourself the discomfort, your feet will thank you!

2. HEST ENHANCED MEMORY FOAM - get yourself a high quality memory foam mattress that is temperature resilient (like the Dually or the Sleep System). Most memory foam becomes hard in colder temperatures making for an uncomfortable sleep. The PU foam used in all our products is designed to maintain the same consistency regardless of temperature, ensuring a comfortable, restful sleep & a rejuvenated body ready to shred again in the morning! 
3. AIRFLOW - Crack your front windows a tiny smidgen overnight to let some airflow circulate and keep interior condensation levels down.
4. HEATERS - This goes without saying but you’ll need a good heater. Diesel is a great option since it can run independently from your battery. Pro Tip: get a heated blanket like this one from Ignik for extra cozy van vibes.   
5. COFFEE- Make a big ol’ pot of coffee in the morning & keep it in a super insulated thermos it will make your day later when you’re beat from wrasslin pow all day.

6. PROPER APRÉS FOOTWEAR- Ideally you’ll want a boot that comes up over your ankles (for stepping into snow drifts) that are waterproof, insulated, and can slip on/off easily for those middle of the night tinkles. 
7.  BABY WIPES - depending on how fancy your van is, you might have the option to shower or splash off in a sink, but regardless a stock of baby wipes are a van camping MUST (winter or summer). After a hard day of shredding, a quick wipe down can leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to snuggle into your sleeping bag.
8. TARP HANDY - if it’s going to snow overnight, a tarp over your roof/windshield will make clearing snow off that much faster in the morning so you can tour up and beat the first chair!

9. SALT/MAX TRACKS - Getting stuck in the snow is actually the worst. Don’t forget salt, max tracks, or worst case scenario you can jam a bunch of sticks under your tires to get traction.
10.  DRY KINDLING - often overlooked when packing but CRUCIAL when you’re trying to start a fire in some Washington cement.
11. SHOVEL - Need we explain why?

Learn more about our favorite ski areas for winter camping. These resorts are set up perfectly for van & car campers that know how to stay comfortable in the cold in the name of fresh tracks.

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